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March 30, 2013 at 4:51 pm

From Forex to binary options

When you move from one type of trading in the financial markets, in this case from Forex market to binary options trade (binary option affiliate program), you should familiarize yourself with the basics and strategies to help you to get the maximum benefits and profits.

To switch from Forex to binary options you need to have well-built strategy because only a few operations per day can have return rate of 300-400%. If you take the example of EUR / USD and you have to decide whether they will finish above or below from the current price at the end of the hour, and if your decision is correct then you will have a profit of 85% of the amount invested. And to generate a profit in the Forex market you need all day long successful trading.

If you now open position in Forex market in the an uptrend and you must close based on data from other forex indicators, to make good profit in binary options then you only need to detect upward or downward trend and select CALL or PUT option. Your position should last only 30 minutes to generate a profit of 70-85% of the amount invested.

Binary options offer several obvious advantages that attract all kinds of Forex traders. When trading binary options you only need to finish at least one pip above or below the opening price of the position and you will instantly win 70% to 85% profit in less than one hour. For comparison, an ordinary trader in the Forex market with maximum 100x leverage and opening the position with $ 1,000 price of the traded instrument should rise or fall, depending on the position with 700-850 pips to have the same profit as in binary options! This is amazing difference is entirely in favor of the trader.

Another advantage of binary options is time to generate a profit. If you trade the Forex market you can place Stop-Loss, to not make a loss on negative change in price. This can be very unprofitable because the price of the financial instrument can go in the wrong direction very quickly especially in case of bad news or events. With binary options, you are immune to this because the time window for trade is very small and the market can not harm you very quickly.

These are the basic prerequisites for the benefit of binary options rather than Forex market. So if you want to switch from Forex to binary options you can not go wrong.


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