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March 30, 2013 at 4:55 pm

Using a Forex strategy for binary options trading

The most important thing is to learn how to combine your Forex strategy with binary options (binary option 24option review) trading strategy, so you will make your trading with times more profitable and safer.

Trading binary options gives investors the opportunity to trade in a period of time who is very small and reduces the risk of investment. It can be used as an additional income from the main Forex trading.

If you use a Forex strategy based on moving average you can easily embed this in trade with binary options. How does it work? Very easy – once, when you detect the direction of the trend and you are sure that it will not change in the next hour ( if you do not expect any news or events ) then you can open a position with binary options that can bring you 85% profit in one hours, only if you take the right decision.

After the first stage of your strategy is implemented and continue to set the trend, you already have a profit of 85%. In the next stage, you do exactly the same, and after you have done with correct assumption and are going to close your position and Forex strategy you already have 170% of the profits from binary options.

When trading the Forex market, you should consider many factors to determine the exact parameters for the open position, why not utilize the results achieved, which if are successful will lead to more profits from binary options.

If you use Three screen strategy for trading on Forex market, you have the opportunity in every screen to trade with binary options. This will ensure higher profits, because for each screen you will earn 85% or in the end of strategy you will have 255%. Even after the closing of your position and if you have a small loss or a small profit you will have 2.55 times the capital invested only from binary options.

Whenever you trade the Forex market always open reciprocal positions with binary options.


  1. I have two different strategies for Forex market and binary option.

  2. Good one. With 30% of your capital open position on Forex market and if your position go bad for 30-60 min. you win 75 % with your hedg made with binary option

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